New 2013 Guide to the U.S. AEC Markets Assesses Election Impact

[Here’s the first promo for The 2013 Guide to the U.S. AEC Markets, which we will publish in September.]

What would an Obama second term mean to the AEC industry in 2013 and beyond? If Romney and Ryan capture the White House in November, how would it affect architecture, engineering, environmental consulting and construction companies?

In the new 2013 Guide to the U.S. AEC Markets, to be published by The JAGG Group next month, readers will get an early glimpse of how the results of the 2012 Presidential Election are likely to influence the industry’s performance in the coming year and throughout the winner’s term. This special, election-year section of the 2013 Guide analyzes each major candidate’s past economic and AEC-related policies, actions, proposals and pledges, and then interprets how his victory would affect the AEC industry and the specific markets we serve.

This trusted annual planning guide will also include the industry news, advice and insightful research data that readers have benefited from since author Jerry Guerra’s first forecast in 2002.

“The presidential election in 2008 was an important component of the 2009 forecast book, but this year’s vote will have substantially more of an effect on our industry than any election in recent memory,” says Guerra, who has researched and authored more than a dozen market research publications for the architecture, engineering, environmental consulting and construction industries.

“We also have a much greater body of information to draw on than in previous elections,” adds Guerra. “Obama clearly showed certain tendencies on infrastructure investment in his first term. And for the GOP ticket, Romney’s time as Massachusetts’ governor and his running mate’s controversial budget proposals allow us to predict with reasonable accuracy how certain markets and segments of the AEC industry will benefit or suffer depending on the result. The key is to look past the campaign-year political rhetoric and see what they’ve actually done and what they say they will do.”

For example, the Romney-Ryan ticket is likely to propose less government spending on transportation infrastructure projects – Ryan’s budget plan calls for significantly reduced amounts for Highway Funding and Romney’s platform includes eliminating all Amtrak subsidies. But a popular transportation blog desribed Romney as a “metro-friendly moderate” on transportation, and Ryan backed the Transportation Bill that passed in June.

“The issues aren’t black and white,” concludes Guerra. “The GOP team will be less likely to support taxpayer-funded infrastructure investment, but we can’t look at this in a vacuum. We have to also consider how their policies, on taxes and other aspects of government operations, could affect the small businesses that comprise the bulk of the AEC industry.”

In addition, the 2013 Guide to the U.S. AEC Markets will include a review of the sector-by-sector projections from the 2012 forecast, as well as:

  • Dozens of interviews with leaders and experts in the markets served by architects, engineers, environmental consultants and contractors.
  • Ten industry trends (and what they mean to you)
  • A recap of 2012 and the U.S. Economic Overview for 2013
  • A U.S. geographic outlook, regionally and state by state
  • Discussion of passed, pending and potential legislation that could affect the AEC industry in 2013
  • Most promising international markets and regions
  • The 2013 outlook for over 30 major markets and subsectors
  • Ranking of the hottest and coldest markets for 2013
  • More than 20 pages of links, articles and other resources for firms to consult and use in their own research

Buyers will also receive quarterly Updates of fresh market data and industry developments. These 20-plus-page reports will ensure that the 2013 Guide will prove its worth all year long. 

The list price for the pdf-only version of The 2013 Guide to the U.S. AEC Markets is $299, but this week, you can get the prepublication price of $199. (Hard copy price is $249 prepublication, $349 list.) As always, we offer a full money-back guarantee; so there’s no risk to you.

To pre-order your copy of The 2013 Guide to the U.S. AEC Markets  – due out October 5 – click on the button below and pay with your major credit card.

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