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Outlook for AEC Industry in 2011 is mixed

Friday, December 24th, 2010

As the year 2010 ends, economic indicators are ticking upward. This is consistent with the view of most industry practitioners, experts and owners that I interviewed for PSMJ’s 2011 AEC Firm U.S. Market Sector Forecast. The general sense is that 2011 will be slightly better than 2010, yet still challenging on many fronts. The residential and commercial markets still have a long way to go to return to the robust levels of activity we saw in the middle of last decade.

Still, architects, engineers, contractors and everyone else involved in the AEC industry need to keep in mind that there are always opportunities out there. You just need to do the right things to capitalize on those opportunities. I addressed this issue in an upcoming piece in the Florida Engineering Society’s magazine. The point is, yes it’s a challenging time for the industry, but don’t use that as an excuse to fail.

I’ll publish some excerpts here when the article comes out in January. Merry Christmas!