The 2012 AEC Market Guide to California

Announcing “The 2012 AEC Market Guide to California”

California has the world’s eight-largest economy, but in its current economic turmoil, is the state still a strong market for the design and construction industry?

If it is, what aspects of the California economy are best for AEC firms to pursue? Which geographic, market sector and service areas hold the most promise? Who are the decision makers, major project influencers, and movers and shakers of the California market?

Here’s the Table of Contents. The book is available to ship in late August.

The 2011-2012 AEC Market Guide to California


Part 1: Introduction: Why California? Why Now?


Part 2: The California Economy: Clouds are Clearing


Part 3: A Dozen Game-Changers for California AEC Firms

1.     Can Integrated Project Delivery Last?

2.     The Case for (and against) Building Information Modeling

3.     Public-Private Partnerships – Myth and Reality

4.     Falling In Line with Social Media Marketing

5.     Where (Else) in the World are the Opportunities?

6.     The Long, Slow Road to Seismic Acceptability

7.     Why Knowledge Management Matters

8.     Cloud Computing: The Next Big Thing?

9.     Going Mobile

10.   All the Shades of Green Building

11.   It’s a Merger & Acquisition World…Again

12.   Hiring, Firing and Everything In Between


Part 4: Political/Legislative Update


Part 5: Doing Business in California


Part 6: California Market Outlook

  • Introduction
    • Market Drivers
    • Demographics
    • Funding Outlook
  • Residential Outlook
    • Single Family
    • Multifamily 
  • Commercial Outlook
    • Office
    • Retail
    • Hospitality
    • Entertainment
  • Institutional
    • Health Care
    • K-12 Education
    • Higher Ed
    • Government/Military
    • Other Institutional
  • Public Works Outlook
    • Transportation
      • Roads/Bridges
      • Transit/Railroad
      • Ports/Waterways
      • Aviation
    • Water/Wastewater
  • Energy
    • Electric
    • Gas
    • Oil
    • Renewables
  • Environmental Outlook
    • Hazardous Waste/Remediation
    • Solid Waste
    • Air
    • Other Environmental

Part 7: Best California Markets for 2011-2012


Part 8: Competitive Environment

  • Leading AEC Companies
  • Top Owners/Developers

Appendix 1: Key Resources and Links

Appendix 2: Geographic Outlook Index

Praise for Jerry Guerra’s Previous Work – AEC Issue Brief: Integrated Project Delivery

“This brief is by far the best summary of the IPD/BIM existing condition that I have read to date!” – Frederick A. Kramer, AIA, President, ADD Inc.

“Jerome Guerra has created a must read for the AEC industry.” – Craig Galati, Principal, Lucchesi Galati Associates, Inc. 

“By investing the time to research the process from all sides, Jerome Guerra provides the practitioner an excellent resource from which to learn more, understand the applicability of the IPD process to their practice, and build the base from which to potentially engage in this process.” – David H. Barkin AIA, Principal, JCJARCHITECTURE

“Bravo! A great piece of writing.” – Dr. Charles H. Thornton, P.E., Founding Partner, Thornton Tomasetti


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