If you’re looking for a research firm that will give you nothing but numbers and percentages, you’re better off looking elsewhere. Sure, quantitative values have their place in market research. But too many market researchers rely exclusively on cold, hard numbers and they ignore what is typically the most important aspect of a research project– people.

At The JAGG Group, most of our research projects stress qualitative results over the quantitative. If it’s important to you that 24% of your customers believe your service was adequate, 28% say it was fair, and 16% say it was good, that’s fine. But we’re a little more curious than that. We want to know why they feel that way…and exactly how they define “adequate” or “fair” or “good.” And the only way to know is to ask.

Here are a few areas where our market research team can help your company make more insightful and informed strategic decisions:

  • Customer Feedback. We’ll spend time talking with your customers, one on one. And, because we’re an objective third party, we’ll hear how they really feel about your company, your people, and the service or product you provide. A well-designed customer survey can provide you with invaluable feedback about how well your firm delivers to its customers. It also serves as a subtle marketing tool, as well as a way to gather critical market intelligence straight from the source.
  • Location Studies. If you’re looking to expand your geographic reach, but aren’t sure exactly where to go, a location study could be the difference between instant success and long, tortuous failure. The key to a good location study is to first determine exactly which criteria are most important to your company’s successful entry into the market. Is it simply population growth? Or will some key demographic drive the market niche you’re looking to fill? Once you’ve settled on the information you need, you have to look at that data from all possible angles– from the Census Bureau’s exhaustive statistical breakdowns to the popular media’s take on the issues to personal interviews with key players in the field. If you’re looking to expand your geographic reach and you shortchange the research process, you’re doing so at your own risk.
  • State of the Research. Whether you’re considering branching into a new service or market area, or you’re simply looking to expand an existing one, getting the pulse of your key markets is always a good idea. Our experienced researchers can help you capitalize on emerging trends or avoid making costly investments in a faltering market or service.

If you’d like more information about how we can provide you with the market research you need to make more informed and insightful strategic decisions, call us at 781-718-2403 or e-mail us at