Public Relations

Our president, Jerry Guerra, is a former writer and editor for newspapers, magazines, and newsletters. He says this about PR: “Most companies just don’t understand how to publicize themselves to the media. Their press releases are boring and horribly off target, and they waste time and money on ineffective, overblown tactics like media kits and elaborate brochures.
The irony is that most editors are dying to publish the information that these misguided companies possess. But only the most PR-savvy companies are delivering what the editors need. And that’s why it seems like the same few firms get all the press in certain professions, industries, and geographic markets.”

Here’s how we can help you become a PR-savvy company that your competitors complain about because you’re getting all the press:

  • Well-Designed, Relevant Press Releases. We’ll help you develop press releases that editors and writers will read and respond to. At minimum, well-written, well-conceived press releases will get your firm’s name into print. At best, they’ll be the seeds of a strong relationship with members of the media that matter.
  • Bylined Articles. Our research shows that a bylined article in an industry-specific journal is one of the best ways to develop credibility among customers, prospects, and peers. We work with publications to determine their needs and to find out exactly how you can capitalize on your knowledge and expertise to contribute bylined articles. (Unlike many expensive PR firms, we can also help write or edit the article to give you the best chance of being published.)
  • Personal Appearances. Public relations isn’t all about press releases and industry journals; it’s also about getting your firm’s name and your best people in front of customers and prospects in a variety of different ways. One great approach to help build your firm’s reputation and credibility is to have your people speak at conferences, seminars, and other industry-related events. When a member of your firm addresses a group of key customers, prospects, and peers, the message is clear– this is an expert. We can help you capitalize on the opportunities that speaking engagements like these can create.

If you’d like more information about how our insider knowledge and experience can help you create a more effective public relations program, call us at 781-718-2403 or e-mail us at