Our philosophy about marketing at The JAGG Group is simple: do it often, do it cost-effectively, and do it a number of different ways.

  • Do it often. A repetitive marketing program will create opportunities for your company that you could never get any other way. But there’s a fine line between promoting yourself effectively and annoying the heck out of people. We’ll help you develop a marketing plan that will keep your company’s image in the eyes and minds of customers and prospects, without the kind of negative perception that a poorly designed, haphazardly executed marketing blitz can create.
  • Do it cost-effectively. There’s no need to put your company on the verge of bankruptcy in the name of marketing and business development. With our experience and our low overhead, we can offer you personalized service at a significantly lower cost than you’d pay to other marketing consultants. We also have access to a broad range of experience and expertise to help you devise a marketing program high in value and impact, not weighted down with wasteful, expensive, outdated concepts. And we can offer you all the services you need– conceptual development, copywriting, graphic design, production management, and anything else necessary to get your marketing program going and keep it on track.
  • Do it a number of different ways. We see companies relying on one or two “tried and true” marketing methods…and failing. These companies would get so much more from their efforts if they simply diversified. The Internet Age has dramatically expanded the ways you can market your firm and reach hundreds or thousands of customers and prospects you couldn’t reach before. Some traditional marketing methods also effectively get the word out about your company. Very few companies take advantage of the many public relations opportunities available to them. And because most business relationships are still created and maintained on a personal level, every good marketing plan should include a strategy to get your people in front of their people.

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