Follow-up — ASCE’s Report Card Webcast

The ASCE press conference on its 2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure was well executed. It featured ASCE president Wayne Klotz, Committee Chairman Andrew Herrmann and Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

In addition to presenting the grades and adding some perspective to the needs and problems identified, the ASCE deserves credit for offering solutions that go beyond the $2.2 trillion they say we need to invest to bring our infrastructure up to good condition. This includes public-private partnerships and changing our personal behavior as it relates to using our infrastructure.

All three speakers referenced positive changes that have been made — and that could continue to be made — to improve specific situations. For example, Mr. Herrmann described how the solid waste issue has improved due to increased recycling and agreements with manufacturers to address concerns about landfill capacity and technical waste. This is why solid waste has the best grade of C+.

ASCE deserves an “A” for how they’ve handled the presentation of the 2009 Report Card thus far. Their tone wasn’t threatening or entirely doom-and-gloom, but they expressed the seriousness of the situation and showed their commitment to helping improve it.

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