Housing Authority Gives Site to Feds, Yields $2m in Stimulus Funds

A housing authority director in Malden, Massachusetts, federalized a 50-plus-year-old facility and picked up $2 million in federal stimulus funds. Here are the first few paragraphs of the March 24 story by Alix Roy on boston.com.

Linden Homes residents will enjoy improvements to the complex and lowered utility costs thanks to some careful reading by Malden Housing Authority executive director Stephen Finn, who spearheaded a plan to federalize the public housing facility, making it eligible for millions in stimulus funds.

The federalization of the Linden Homes complex, which is located at the intersection of routes 60 and 99, was announced last week by city and state officials. The complex, which contains 220 units, was formerly subsidized by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development.

The city’s efforts to federalize the complex began after Finn noticed a clause in the federal stimulus bill authorizing public housing authorities to use federal funding to “construct or acquire” new federal units. The clause appeared to circumvent a Congressional act limiting the number of federally assisted properties an agency maintains in their portfolio.

The money will go toward several projects, including drainage improvements, accessibility upgrades, updated bathrooms and kitchens, new basement windows and revamped electrical and ventilation systems. The state also committed $1 million for the renovation.

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